These are kinda tardy. Apparently it’s a bit more difficult to find time to write when you have to hope 2 kids nap at the same time.

I was walking in the neighborhood near our apartment just before Halloween and I was kinda appalled at the creepy decorations people use. The fall-theme stuff is fine – scarecrows, hay, leaves, and gourds – but I kept thinking how I wouldn’t want to take my kid trick-or-treating in an area with skeletons and witches and bloody-looking stuff everywhere. Some cultures have a “Day of the Dead” and you are supposed to honor your ancestors but American Halloween just seems so pointless. I know some Christians don’t like Halloween because of its pagan roots but I don’t really care about that. (I mean, the way we celebrate both Christmas and Easter have pagan influences but nobody seems upset by that. I’m not convinced Satan has much to do with fun-size chocolates.) What I do not understand is deliberately frightening small children. I remember this one time I went trick-or-treating with my dad and this one house had a guy sitting on his porch with a bucket of candy in his lap. He was sitting stock still so you couldn’t tell if he was real or a dummy. I thought he was probably real and planning to scare me so I asked my dad to go with me. He told me if I wanted the candy I had to go up there myself. So I went, they guy scared me, and my dad cracked up. It just seems like so much of Halloween stuff is intended for small children to be frightened and adults to enjoy their fright and – isn’t scaring someone for your own sport sort of the definition of bullying?

Now that the #$&!@% election is over I just have to say…there is something really, really wrong about the political system in America. I have been really displeased with recent candidates for the “big” positions – with multi-million dollar campaign funds it seems like we are back to only allowing the wealthy elite into power and unfortunately wealthy elite are utterly unqualified to represent the common man. For example, one guy running for senator in Texas (in the primaries) had a platform that was basically “I am rich, vote for me.” Really? Having a lot of money does not qualify you to represent me; in fact, quite the opposite. I don’t think either mainline party has viable answers to what everyone perceives as our country’s problems; I tend to be Libertarian-minded but find many of their candidates to be underqualified. (Not that I want candidates who are career politicians – I don’t – but the Libertarian candidate for senator just got out of grad school. Like straight from high school to college to grad school, he just graduated. I would really like my representatives to have some real-world experience before they head off to Washington, you know?) Anyway I used to be super passionate about voting and stuff and I couldn’t understand why people would choose to not exercise their right to vote but I have grown very cynical of late. I was unexcited about either candidate running the country (it was a pipe dream but I really hoped Ron Paul would get the Republican* nomination) and only decided at the last minute to vote. Actually the main reason I wanted to vote was I thought there was going to be a school voucher issue on the ballot but there wasn’t, which I was upset about. Since I was going to vote on the vouchers I figured I may as well fill in the rest of the ballot and honestly for President I viewed it as voting for an economic system rather than a person. I know I am kind of weird but I’m not that odd – I don’t think it bodes well for the future of our country when people my age and younger are disengaging from the political process.

And people are SO ANNOYING about their political beliefs. Ugh. Two behaviors that really irk me are 1. assuming that being a Christian means you have to vote a particular way and 2. being super-political on Facebook and then a week or two before the election saying you’re tired of “all the rhetoric” and quitting Facebook until after it’s over. Um…you were part of the problem and the reason some of us just plain avoided Facebook for like 2 months. This is one of many, many things I hate about Facebook. That’s another post entirely.

*For the record I don’t really consider myself a Republican. Republicans, Libertarians, and even a Democrat all got bubbles filled in on my ballot. I just heart Ron Paul.

In keeping with the theme of Caroline’s quilt, I saw this on a blog I read. I may have gotten a little choked up over it. I really hope I can raise my daughter without the diva attitude associated with being a princess…but I hope she knows these things about herself.