The whole reason Jesus came was to die…so, if Herod had succeeded in killing him when he was small, would it have been as redemptive as the cross? Was the redemption in the actual blood, or in the willingness to lay down his life? Because if it was the blood – which seems more theologically correct – in theory Herod could have succeeded and, redemptively speaking, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Also, with my son a full-blown toddler, I am curious to know what Jesus was like at this age. Since he was sinless, did he throw tantrums? If he did, that would mean that my son’s screaming and hitting and crying are merely a developmental phase, something to just ride out…if he didn’t, then I am dealing with sin in my child’s little heart and that requires a much more proactive stance. (It sounds silly but really, theology can strongly affect your parenting. I have some friends who don’t believe in depravity – basically, that everyone is sinful – and instead think that everyone is mostly good. The way they discipline their children is wildly different from how I expect I will discipline mine, because I do believe people are born with a sinful nature.) And if he didn’t throw tantrums, can you imagine Mary’s horror at her other kids’ behavior when they came along? When really, they were just being normal (probably sinful) kids.