Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy is about an American couple (a TEXAN couple!), their adopted Chinese daughter, and the daughter’s bio sister who tracks them down. She (the sister) has discovered they potentially have a genetic kidney issue. So really, it is the story of how they all become family. It’s an interesting and creative story idea, a refreshing change of pace from your standard Christian fiction.

I do have a few bones to pick, though:

  1. Joy/Lily was a little difficult to believe. She has a pretty rapid change of heart; I was not even a rebellious teen and there is no way my attitude toward my parents would have changed that quickly, tornado or not. Also, I know teenagers say “like” a lot but hers seemed to be, like, in the wrong places or something.
  2. She doesn’t go by Lily in the book, so why is that the title?
  3. Near the end of the book Lacy mentions driving to Waco on I-20 and maybe I misunderstood, but to get from Ft. Worth to Waco you take 35. 20 doesn’t go through Waco.
  4. The Christian message is pretty heavy-handed, so be aware of that if you find blatant Christianity offensive.
  5. SPOILER ALERT!!! I am really confused at why Joy was allowed by the medical community to be a kidney donor. She is very young and has plenty of time to manifest symptoms later, and she’ll already be down a kidney then. Kai herself tested negative earlier in life so Joy’s present absence of symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a good candidate.
  6. Do Chinese people really call each other First Daughter and Second Daughter?

Overall, like I said, I thought this was a really interesting idea for a story. And I think it was pretty real in acknowledging that adoption isn’t the end of the story, adoptive families can still have problems years later (because all families have problems).

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