On Monday I went to the fitness center, which is just a small room with a treadmill, elliptical, and bike. And some weights. I really prefer to run outside but since my knees are like 30 years older than the rest of my body I just can’t do that as my sole exercise. Ellipticals are perfect: full body, weight bearing, no impact. And I’m not picky on quality so when the complex said they had a fitness center, and I observed on our tour that there was in fact an elliptical, I was thrilled with the idea of saving a gym fee every month.

The only problem was, I couldn’t get my key in the lock. At all. When the office opened I walked to the office with Asher in the Ergo and met the really nice lady who is the manager and she just fawned all over Asher. (I have noticed that tends to happen with him. He is handy like that if we want/need something done.) Anyway she said that lock has issues sometimes and they would look at it. I tried my key later in the day, still to no avail, and returned to the office. I talked to the same lady – I kept it super nice, by the way, I know there’s no point to getting all huffy about it – just to see if they’d had a chance to look at it, so I would know if it was my key that was the problem. She said they were going to have to re-key it and that would happen either before the maintenance guys went home or very first thing the next morning. Tuesday morning I went, same problem. Same thing again Wednesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon Jake took Asher swimming in the pool just next to the fitness center so I asked him to try the key another time before I went back to the office. Later:

Jake: Your key to the fitness center works just fine.
me: Really? Did they fix the lock?
Jake: I don’t know. Which door were you putting the key in?
me: the fitness center door.
Jake: There’s 2 doors near each other, which one were you trying?
me: (describe door)
Jake: Yeah…that’s the door to the community center. Your key to the fitness center works fine.

Oops. Possibly the worst part of it is, when I went on Thursday (and successfully entered the fitness center) it turns out the A/C is broken. Like someone set the thermostat on 50 but the temperature is reading 85. And I obviously can’t go report that after being such an idiot.