I love driving with the windows down. Today the weather was perfect for such a venture so I packed up the little guy and we headed out, The Legend of Chin* turned up loud enough to hear over street noise but not so loud as to damage little ears. We were on a quest to procure rations for our bare larder, so we went to Ft. Worth to check out what my friend Paige affectionately calls “the poor people’s grocery store.” It’s a surplus/dented can place called Town Talk, and it’s sort of a gamble on what they have when you go. I particularly needed staple items such as flour and spices and Paige assured me that they always have that stuff, although maybe not exactly what you’re looking for.

Both of the guest houses we stayed in had spices so we didn’t purchase many. (Actually, the first house had a HUGE pantry that was crammed full – in a neatly organized fashion – with nonperishables. So, so awesome. The second house had a few spices; I took the liberty of throwing away ones that were purchased from a now-defunct pharmacy and expired in ’94. I bought a few to fill in the gaps.) Spices can be quite pricey, especially if you need to buy a bunch all at once. They ranged between .88 and $2.99 for a normal-sized bottle (although you can also buy in bulk), so it’s not too painful to stock up; my spice rack is now full, along with my pantry and freezer. The kitchen is back in business!

And, I just want to say that Asher did so well at the store, even though it was a marathon grocery run and I normally try to do grocery runs of any distance solo. He ate his snacks and charmed anyone around us with his smile and “HI!” and only got loud once. He’s such a great kid, even if people do keep calling him a “she.”

*In my opinion this is one of the best driving-with-the-windows-down albums of all time.