So, we moved. Apparently God cleaned out His inbox or something and Jake got 4 job offers within 24 hours. We promptly found an apartment – we got a GREAT deal – and waited an extra week for the carpet to be replaced. And then, we moved. 90% of our stuff was in a storage unit, and had been for 3 years. We have been living with other people’s stuff for 3 years and really, when it’s been that long since you’ve seen things that technically belong to you, it sorta feels like getting someone else’s stuff again. (Except my stoneware. That was never far from my heart.)

Anyway, we got a lot more help than we anticipated, which made the actual transfer of Stuff much more speedy than we anticipated. (After we got the moving truck. The place we rented the truck from sort of forgot to open that morning so we thought we were basically going to have to move in a pickup and the Yaris but fortunately they remembered about us after the first trip. I believe we will be getting a discount for the inconvenience.) I am so impressed with how nice people can be. Moving totally sucks but for some reason people are willing to help you with it. And, we are friends with a couple who live in this complex and they have been the most awesome neighbors. Michele kept Asher the morning of the move, then she spent the rest of her weekend washing dishes and getting my kitchen set up. She is probably actually an ANGEL because I would be sitting catatonic in the floor if I had to do it myself. AND she keeps taking loads of laundry away and bringing back baskets of clean, neatly folded towels. It’s like magic. Oh, AND they had us over for dinner the night after the move. Oh, AND Brian is also a voracious reader like me but is also the spender of the pair unlike me which means he has an AMAZING book/music/movie collection and he said I can borrow whatever I want. I don’t think it can get much better. I love having people we know nearby to do stuff with. We anticipate many dinners ensemble and game nights and fun stuff like that.

All that to say – we’re not homeless anymore.