Well folks, today Jake is back with another review. This time he is actually the one who was supposed to do the review, because it is a marriage book addressing the manly half of our species. I haven’t read Playing Hurt by Brian Goins, not being manly enough, but my first thought when I received the book was that it was appropriately slim. (Um…is that sexist of me?) Here he is:

Admittedly I’m not the ‘I must watch every match of every sport, super fanatic’ a lot of guys are. But I enjoy watching sports, most sports (haven’t figured out cricket yet).

Goins is a gifted story teller. He speaks a language that will resonate with men and encourages them to be the competitor and teammate they desire to be. He has a playbook with 5 tools to help.

Goins covers 3 important relationships and how they relate to each other. He aims to tap into the champion within, the Rocky Balboa, who with one eye swollen shut, rises to the occasion and fights back for the win.

I had trouble following parts of the book. This may have been because I was only able to read it in segments between other things going on and had to rush to get through it or maybe just my aversion to alliteration. If I were to read it again, I’d work through it at a slower pace, chapter by chapter and discuss with another guy. I’m a verbal processor and it helps me to work through things in this manner. It is nice to have the reminder that your wife is on your team. She’s not the opponent.

I’d recommend this book to guys that are playing wounded, or about to give up. I would say this is a much more approachable book about marriage for guys.

This book was provided for review by the LitFuse Publicity Group.