A while back, Jake and I decided we should have periodic family field trips or adventures to nearby sites of interest. Apparently being poor and jobless can cause strain so we thought it would be good for all of us to get out and have fun together. In highly uncharacteristic fashion, I asked to be in charge of the first one.

A few weeks earlier, I had embarked on a sleuthing mission. There used to be a pizza place in Bedford called That Chicago Place (side note: it is nigh impossible to Google a name like that without quotation marks. You will get nowhere) where we used to go when we were dating. The guy who owned it was actually from Chicago and made a truly wonderful deep dish, the kind of deep dish that makes you feel stuffed (ha! no pun intended) after a slice or two. Shortly before we got married, he closed and then reopened in Grapevine. At first we thought it would be a good move for business as the new location was in Grapevine Mills, but deep dish takes about 30 minutes to cook so it’s not a good fit for a concession stand at a hockey rink (or even just a regular food court). Anyway he closed again and that’s the last we heard of it. Occasionally in France one of us would get a hankering for deep dish pizza and bemoan the demise of our pizza place, although I will not lie – it was slightly easier to bear knowing we couldn’t have it even if we were back in Texas.

So, the sleuthing. It took a bit of work but I tracked it from Grapevine to a new location in Addison, which also closed, and finally to a location in Mesquite (practically down the street from my grandparents!) under the name Chicago’s Original. They still had a website so chances were good they were still in business. I told Jake I had a surprise for him, knowing that he wouldn’t tolerate the suspense and eager to share my find with him, but in highly uncharacteristic fashion he said he didn’t want to know, he would wait for the surprise. ARRRR!! The nearest excuse for eating out was Father’s Day, which at the time was well over a month away. Then Jake announced a different place he would like to eat for Father’s Day, so when he came up with the idea of Family Adventure Day I jumped on it and claimed the first.

I called to make sure they were still open and we headed out. When we were a little over halfway there, Jake joked about us going to my grandparents’…I just shrugged and kept driving. As we approached he said, “Hey! There’s a Chicago pizza place” and I informed him that was where we were going. He asked how I found it and I FINALLY had the very great joy of informing him that I found That Chicago Place! And the villagers rejoiced.

we're starting the little guy off young.

Look how thick the crust is!!

So, we splurged and each got a pizza, which kept us very happily fed for 4 days. (And yes, we did visit my grandparents afterward.) This marks the second time in a year – and actually maybe just the second time overall – that I have managed to surprise Jake which, in addition to the actual pizza, means Family Adventure Day was a raging success.