At the beginning of this year I started a chronological Bible reading plan. I had never read the Bible this way and thought it would probably be interesting, and also make more sense than just reading it straight through because then you end up reading the same stuff a couple times in various places. I am liking the chronological aspect, but I have to admit that I got behind during our hotel stint in Arkansas as I normally read while Asher naps but in a hotel we had to keep all the lights off while he napped. After that point I was in Leviticus and therefore had little incentive to catch up. I am convinced that Leviticus is the stumbling block to any read-through-the-Bible plan.

But! before Leviticus is Exodus, which is (in my opinion) far more interesting. Two things have stuck with me from Exodus – I am now wrapping up Numbers, still a bit behind – so here you go.

The Sabbath is the Lord’s gift to you.

That is Exodus 16:29. Do we – as individuals, and also as the church – view Sabbath as a gift from God? Somehow, as I observe all the pretty people chatting in the lobby with their expensive coffees in hand, or sneaking out early to go to soccer or just grab a table at La Hacienda, I think not. God has given us a gift, a blessing, of rest and it seems that for so many people it is just a day to catch up on errands or show off for all the other churchy people.

I found the description of manna quite amusing:

…a flaky substance as fine as frost…

This is a perfect description of baby cereal. Now, every morning when I make Asher’s oatmeal, I think of manna. I would love to say that this makes me think of how God provides every day’s needs, and new grace every morning (and those things are very true), but really I just marvel that an entire nation was able to gather enough of the stuff to keep everyone fed without brooms and dustpans.