The exact number depends on what source you’re getting your information from, but basically a really high percentage of divorces cite financial problems as a huge factor – if not the deciding factor – in the divorce. I think the way you work through your finances (or not) as a couple says a lot about your relationship in general and I also think money is one of the most important areas to get “right” in your marriage. If you can get on the same page about money, you will have plenty of time and energy to devote to all the other things that can go wrong in marriage.

Because of that, I would highly recommend Money & Marriage by Matt Bell to engaged or newly married couples. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he recommends for financial management – I’m a Dave Ramsey fan myself so I think Bell was a bit soft on getting out of debt, for example – but because it was written from the perspective of 2 people joining each other in marriage, there are some really good discussion questions at the end of each chapter. If you are engaged or newlywed and haven’t talked about finances, or come from very different backgrounds/perspectives (and if you haven’t talked about money, let me assure you that you probably have some wildly differing views on it), it would be a really good idea to get this book and read and discuss it together. I would also recommend that you continue to read books about money, but this will be a good way to get you thinking and talking about money (and hopefully help you get on the same page as your spouse). You have enough talking, reading, thinking, and learning to do as you get ready for marriage; this book will help you get your financial bases covered so you can move on to other pre-marital topics and spread your money-reading wings a bit later.

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