Ummm…there’s a lot of things I could live without, like people who text & drive, people who drink & drive, the modern notion that “multitasking” is somehow superior to being able to actually focus on something or someone. It is irritating to carve out time for someone only to have them spend the whole time texting. INTERACT WITH THE REAL PEOPLE AROUND YOU!

But instead of those odious practices, the thing that concerns me for this particular topic is canned spinach. My mother attempted to serve this vile substance to me on numerous occasions in my childhood, and it very nearly made me vomit. Even the glorious promise of dessert was not enough to tempt me to consume the repulsive dark green blob – and THAT should tell you how much I despise it. I was probably in college before I discovered fresh spinach, which is lovely and crisp and tasty and delightful.

I cannot imagine what must happen to such appealing leaves to turn them into the sodden mush in a can, but it must be a horrific atrocity.