Someone once told me the only way to get off a pedestal is to fall, and for the most part I really took that to heart. I honestly can’t think of whole lot of people I consider heroes. But in high school, my small group leader at church was named Heather and I, along with the other girls in our group, really looked up to her.

Heather and her husband Phil were really good to us. Phil lead a group of guys and once a month we would all get together at their house and those times and those people are still some of my best memories from high school. Phil and Heather were like extra parents for us, except younger and cooler, and they had this really great relationship that proved you really can marry your best friend and live happily ever after.

Except they didn’t. At some point in our sophomore year of college, Heather kinda dropped off the face of the earth – stopped answering calls and emails. The guys all said the same of Phil. After a few months of this two of the girls from our group went and basically camped out at their house until Phil came home, or let them in, or whatever. He was a little too happy, like he was trying to hide something, only they noticed all the beer bottles laying around and the conspicuous absence of Heather’s stuff.

Finally, Heather met with us and told us what we already knew – that she and Phil were separated and in the process of getting a divorce. Reading between the lines of the sketchy details she gave us and the sketchy details Phil gave the guys, I think she just left. She said there was no romance, they were just best friends living together. Shortly thereafter she was spotted at an area Target with Another Guy so I guess she moved on pretty quickly. More quickly than some of the rest of us, anyway. For me this was only less earth-shattering, angering, and hurtful than my own parents making the same announcement. And scary: the couple with The Best Relationship Ever didn’t make it.

This may sound stupid but it actually took me a really long time to get over their divorce. I was really angry at Heather for walking away from a great guy and not doing everything in her power to save her marriage. Now I know that marriage is hard and I am just disappointed for them. I am friends with Phil on Facebook and am happy that he is remarried, has cute kids, and is happy. I have no idea what is going on with Heather because I have no contact info for her and apparently she is not on Facebook, at least not with the same name, so that is kinda sad.

I should have seen it coming when they sent the dogs to live on a farm.