I am the sort of person who researches anything and everything before I buy. I have even been known to research shampoo before making the switch (and, of course, using a coupon). So for all the other researchers out there, here are my thoughts on the baby “stuff” we have used. (And, so the FCC doesn’t come arrest me or something, all this stuff is stuff that we bought or were given as gifts, with the exception of the Softbums I won, and I have received none of this in exchange for a review, even a good one, but if someone wants to send me free stuff to try out and review lemmenoe and I’ll probably do it because I’m a sucker for free stuff, but these are really just my honest opinions for all those other obsessive researchers out there.)

diapers: For newborn: BumGenius extra small all-in-ones, Thirsties Pocket All-in-One, and the Softbums I won. We used the Softbums at home and the BumGenius or Thirsties for going out, and the Thirsties for night because you can add extra absorbency in the pocket. For now: we have a few BumGenius all-in-ones in medium for other people to use, like grandmas/babysitters or the church nursery (or for going out, it’s just quicker to change them). For everyday we are still using the Softbums (they are a one size) and we really like them. I will not lie, it took a while to figure out how to get a good fit in the legs but since we got that down we have been good. They are holding up pretty well in the wash, they are cute, and they fit really well despite Asher’s ENORMOUS thighs. And I have to say, cloth diapers have been much easier than I expected. It’s basically an extra load of laundry every other day.

wipes: We normally use cloth ones called Eli’s Wipe-E’s I ordered from a work-at-home-mom that had great reviews on Diaper Swappers. They work, but I have to admit I am less than thrilled with them as six months later they are still leaving colored lint all over my diapers when I wash them. No bueno.

wetbag: I have 2 PlanetWise and I am not that impressed, I don’t know why everyone seems to like them so much. The zipper pull is tiny and on the opposite side of the bag from the handle so you have to use both hands to open it, which is difficult when you are holding a poopy diaper. Also the handle started fraying after about a month of normal usage. I also now have 2 from Monkey Foot Designs and I love them. The zipper pull is big and on the right side of the bag, they will literally hold water if you pour it in without leaking, and the prints are sooo cute.

swaddling blanket: the Miracle Blanket!! We received 2 as gifts and it was awesome to have 2 because…well, babies leak from various places. Asher loved these and we actually just stopped swaddling him (at 7 months). Well, stopped swaddling his arms, it’s been a long time since his feet fit in the pocket.

nursing pillow: At first I had the My Brest Friend but I had to leave it in France. Now I have a Boppy and the winner is (drumroll)….the Boppy! For starters, the name is infinitely better in that you can say it without blushing. The MBF one is supposedly recommended by lactation consultants and better for you but I could never seem to get it right; maybe my torso isn’t the right length or it just wasn’t a good combo with the Ikea chair, I don’t know. The Boppy is just easier to use for us. The only negative is that the fluffy stuff gets smooshed down but hopefully a quick trip through the dryer will fluff it back up.

carrier: We used a Baby K’tan for the first few months. It is GREAT. There are many different ways to carry your baby with it and it is super easy to use. Asher would just snuggle up and go to sleep. By 5 months he was too heavy for me in it so we got the Performance Ergo which is also GREAT. We will definitely use the K’tan the next time around (and I think Jake will keep using it with Asher).

car seat: We have the Combi Coccoro – it was designed for little cars and we drive a Yaris, so it’s a match made in heaven. There is a padded insert for little babies so even if we size up in vehicle or just carseat for Asher, we can use it as an infant seat for the next addition. It is super easy to install and use.

That’s all the big stuff I can think of. Jogging stroller review to come!