December 2010

My skin. I live in my skin so of course I am familiar with its weaknesses but I have been pretty fortunate in this arena. However, I must confess that the real secret is salicylic acid. A lot of products contain salicylic acid (it’s an exfoliant, also called BHA) but unfortunately they are typically cleansers so the salicylic acid just goes down the drain. What you want, if you struggle with oiliness or acne, is salicylic acid (at an effective pH) that stays on your skin so it can do its job. The only brand I have found is this one. I have the 2% liquid and the 1% gel which I use in the winter. This is BY FAR the most important thing I do for my skin.

The other thing I get compliments on is my teeth. Most of these compliments come from dental professionals so I’m not sure it counts. The secret to this is 1. very expensive orthodontia and 2. wearing my retainers regularly, more than a decade after the braces came off. I should probably get those replaced sometime.


I don’t think this applies to anyone in my life.

And if it did, I surely would not be writing about it on the interweb where they could see it.

Last week my baby boy turned 6 months old. I know everyone says this about their kids but…I can’t believe how fast he is growing. He doesn’t really care for solid foods (yet) except the ones that you’re eating, he is a sweet snuggler, incredibly observant, and has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. And while half a year out of my whole life isn’t really all that much, I can’t imagine the rest of my life without him, this sweet baby boy who smiles in his sleep and wakes up laughing, this child I love with my whole heart.

In general I am pretty good about keeping up with friends but I can think of 2 who fit this description. One is my friend Victoria. We have been friends our whole life but just don’t have a lot in common any more, just our shared past. So I know if I needed something she would be there for me but we’re not super close.

Another is a girl named Paige. We were friends as kids and pen pals too but at some point the letters petered out and now I haven’t really talked to her in ages. We’re friends on Facebook so we’ve caught up a bit but I’m not very close to her any more either.