Gee, there’s an awful lot of things I hope I never have to do, a lot of things I hope God never asks me to do (or live through). Since I obviously cannot list here all the things that it would be horrible to experience, I will share my top two. One is, I hope I never have to bury my husband. At least, I hope that if I do have to go to Jake’s funeral, I am an old woman with a rich life together to remember. And I hope that I never, never have to bury a child. People like to wax philosophical about death, saying it’s just a part of life, but that is a lie. Humans weren’t created to die, we were created to live. Death is a nightmarish consequence of sin, a perversion of life, and a child dying before a parent is a perversion of a perversion. Putting my baby (or one of my babies) in the ground would shatter me irrevocably.

Anyone else – something you hope to never ever do?