Like most parents, Jake & I spent a lot of time discussing potential names for our baby while I was pregnant. This time was doubled for us since we didn’t know if the baby was a boy or girl, so we had to have a game plan for each gender. We ended up deciding on a few candidates for each and waited until the baby was born to select a name that seemed to fit.

And we picked Asher. We like this name because it means “happy” or “blessed,” and that is how we feel about being his parents. Also those are qualities that we hope for his life, that he will have a cheerful disposition and that he will be richly blessed in all the things that matter. (I have to admit though, we also just really liked the way it sounds and I was immensely pleased to receive quite a few compliments on our selection.)

So far? This is the happiest baby I have met. Seriously. He cries if he is REALLY hungry or tired and fighting sleep and that is it. Oh wait, he also cries when we wash his hair. But that’s it. He wakes up laughing and is full of smiles. He is friendly and curious and we are so blessed (and relieved) to have such an easy baby. Even in the summer, when my hot-natured little boy was sweating day and night, he didn’t fuss about it.

As for blessed…well, I am fairly certain my good fortune this past year was really him. My grandpa won a Cracker Barrel gift certificate on Father’s Day for having the most recently born great-grandchild, which made me consider that the giveaways I won were things for Asher. (I keep trying to win an ERGObaby Performance Carrier for him but so far no dice.) (Also I know I said I want him to be blessed in things that matter, and these are all material things which is not what I meant, but I think this is evidence that he’s on the right track in the “blessed” department.)

So three months later, I am very happy with his name and really believe we picked just the right one for him – his name.