Isn’t that an impressive title, Sons of Thunder? I suppose that is the title because it is about two brothers who have anger issues. One of the brothers does tell a little story about thunder one time so maybe that is where it comes from.

Anyway, so my first impression was: there are 8 characters mentioned in the first 2 pages. It appears that there are 2 sets of brothers in those 8 but it’s not super clear. I am no expert but I don’t really think it’s very good writing to introduce 8 people in 2 pages. As for the story, it’s about these 2 brothers who go to America with a friend and her grandfather, but the grandfather dies on the boat so it’s just the 3 kids, fending for themselves. Of course as they grow up the older brother is in love with the girl but circumstances prevent them from being together, then the second brother is in love with her but circumstances prevent them being together, then tragedy occurs and – I’m trying to be vague here, so as not to ruin any suspense should you care to read it – let’s just say it narrows down the choice for the poor girl. Like most Christian romance, it is pretty soap opera-ish and a bit over-dramatic, but that’s to be expected. Also I should mention that it is set during the 30’s/WWII era if that piques your interest. My summary is, meh, it was ok. Personally I prefer the Thoenes for WWII era fiction.

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