Over the past year Jake & I have invented several ways to entertain ourselves when we find ourselves with spare time on our hands. Here are some winners.

  • the 24 game. (We were going to do the 24 challenge, which is where you watch an entire season in one day…and then we thought, we should invent The Ultimate 24 Challenge and watch all 7 seasons in one week! and all 24 fans would marvel at us, but then we found out we don’t really like 24 so we didn’t.) When 24 goes to a commercial break, there is this clock that counts beep beep beep…and then it counts back in when they come back. Because we watched online, there were no actual commercials in between, so when the clock counted out we would each shout a time before it came back and whoever was closest would win. If you guessed the exact time you were the big winner!! If your time showed up a few seconds later you could get honorable mention, but if your time was the second before the first one it didn’t count. We both hated 24, we just watched some older seasons in order to play this until we couldn’t take it anymore.
  • interrogation evaluation. After “contingency training” we like to evaluate the humanizing, diversion, and recurring diplomacy requests of people being interrogated on TV shows or movies. Can I get a bottle of water?
  • bad guy finder. Jake has created an algorithm to predict the perpetrator in episodes of Numb3rs. It was actually quite reliable for seasons 1-4. We think they changed writers at that point so we are currently adapting the algorithm.
  • the iTunes Shuffle Fantasy League. We each have 10 bands selected, then we put iTunes on shuffle. When one of your bands is up, you get a point. This one is our current favorite and comes highly recommended.