Next up in my Christian fiction-reading is The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher. It is about Amish people and I must be frank and point out that there is an abundance – nay, an overabundance – of Christian fiction about the Amish. I cannot figure out why. At least this lady has some family roots in the Amish community. Anyway so the story is about this Amish girl named Carrie who is secretly planning to run away with her secret Amish boyfriend…but then, disaster strikes! and everything changes. There are a few slightly surprising plot twists but they lack a certain drama/suspense, kind of like “something bad happens and then there is another funeral.” Considering that The Choice to remain in the community (I really don’t think I’m giving anything away there, am I?) is made pretty early in the story I’m not really sure why it was chosen as the title; the decision is made quickly in response to tragedy, but the title implies that the bulk of the story is wrestling with this important matter. Anyway it’s an ok story and if someone were to send me the next book in the series I would probably read it, or I might check it out of the library if I needed some light reading.

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