I won something, I won something!! I TOLD you 2010 was my year. I have now won two things!

I won the (cloth) diaper of my choice from MotheringGrace.com, woo hoo! And yes, we are planning on using cloth diapers because, hello, we can’t afford to be buying diapers all the time. So I have been buying used cloth diapers, hopefully in good condition, off diaperswappers.com and shipping them to my mother-in-law*, who is graciously collecting them for me in order to send all at once. There are a lot of environmental benefits to using cloth diapers, and maybe also some health ones, but I would by lying if my/our main motivation wasn’t financial. This will be my baby’s very first brand-new diaper!

And no, I do not feel one bit bad or guilty about getting used stuff for my kid. I really do not understand the feeling that some parents have that their kid must always have the newest and best. I am not too good for used stuff and neither is my kid; maybe if people were more ok with buying/borrowing used stuff we wouldn’t have so many idiots running around with this sense of entitlement. I would rather buy food than diapers so we’re doing it this way.

*The French call their mother-in-law belle-mere, which means “beautiful mother.” Isn’t that much nicer?