So, 2009 was a pretty crappy year. I have high hopes for 2010, though; I finally have some structure on how to learn the language I am living in, I will get to go home, my dad is maybe getting better or at least feeling a little better, I have already been to Paris, and I will get to meet my kid. Things are looking good.

The way that I know this will be a good year though, the thing that confirmed my hunch, was that on Epiphany I got the slice of king’s cake with the little figurine in it. The person who gets the little figurine is the king/queen of the year, so I say to 2010: You’re mine. I am certain this signals a change in fortune because I have never won anything* before. A big shout out to Kelly for being the best under-the-table cake-picker ever.

*I did win a spelling bee in 6th grade but that was entirely based on merit so it doesn’t count.