DISCLAIMER: I do not, in general, like Christian fiction. As a genre, with a few exceptions, I believe it is poorly written. For this reason I have not taken any previous opportunities to review fiction books, but LitFuse says they want honesty so Jake encouraged me to give it a try. In particular I do not like Christian romance fiction, so please keep in mind that this review is coming from a cynic.

When Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana is about a young woman named Julia who escorts a group of girls on an orphan train from New York to Montana. She arrives to discover that her ticket is, in fact, one-way and not round trip as she had been led to believe and also that she has been “sold” as a mail order bride to an uncouth gold prospector. (Oh! the drama.) She soon meets a charming young parson – her rescuer from the prospector – who has taken an unfortunate vow of chastity – unfortunate because THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! (of course). So the story is about the budding romance between two basically perfect people and how everyone in the community, who are also basically perfect, grow in their faith together. The only imperfect person is the bad guy, who is rotten to the core, but at the end the dedicated parson is still faithfully sharing the gospel with him.

If you like Christian fiction – in particular Christian romance fiction – you will probably like this book. It is pretty typical of the genre – people who love to serve others, people growing in faith, everybody loving each other, etc. Or if you are looking for a light, quick, entertaining read, this would be a safe pick. If you are looking for multifaceted characters or an intricate plot, I would recommend you move on.

This book was provided for review by the LitFuse Publicity Group.