I love Betty Crocker muffin mix. There is nothing like blueberry muffins fresh from the oven, with butter melting and oozing into the soft bread. I brought a box with me when we came to France and have been saving it for a special occasion; eventually I planned to make muffins for my birthday but then my sweet husband made me breakfast so the muffins remained. A recent visitor brought some new packages of muffin mix for me so I decided to go ahead and make the box that has been waiting patiently to give me its comfort and nourishment. Plus, I have been in the sort of mood lately that leads to a lot of dipping into my American food stash. Anyway so I whipped up the batter, spooned it into a greased muffin tin (I only really had enough for 11 of the muffin holes so I re-allocated in order to have 12) and popped them into my preheated oven. I then proceeded with cleanup, which means “licking the bowl and spoon in order to consume every molecule of batter,” and then I proceeded with real cleanup. I started to break apart the bottom of the mix box to add to my recycling bag when I thought, “I can’t do this! The egg goop will get everywhere” and then it hit me: there was no egg goop because there were no eggshells in the box. Which means there were no eggs in the batter presently baking in the oven.

I waited eight months for these muffins and then I made them incorrectly. What. a. moron.

They tasted ok but the texture was disappointing. I hate waiting eight months for something and then being disappointed by the result – which is completely my own fault.

In better news…this is actually the best news I have heard in a while. JENNIFER KNAPP IS MAKING MUSIC AGAIN. AND ALSO LETTING US HEAR IT. Her website actually has something on it. Even so, I might be skeptical – it IS possible for some nutter to hijack her website…but her myspace page has a new song on it. A song that is not even on iTunes. A good song, so good you can’t even tell she’s taken a 7 year break. And it is definitely the real Jennifer Knapp.

I know this because “musical voice recognition” is one of my superpowers, along with “spelling” and “proper grammar.”