French women seem to have a horror of tan lines.  “Topless” is not related to “nudity” here, so it is not uncommon to see topless women (this outfit is referred to by our friends as a “monokini”) hanging out at the beach with each other.  I find it fascinating that they will just sit around chatting with nothing on top, as if there is nothing unusual about the scenario.  I can’t decide if it’s weird or if French women have a healthier view of their bodies than Americans.

The last time I went to the beach there was a lady there wearing a white crochet bikini.  A regular white bikini is poor judgment enough, but one with tiny holes all over?

Men wear these tiny little shorty things as swimsuits.  Every time I see an old man wearing one I can’t help but laugh – without fail, they have a stomach that hangs over the top of the little shorty.  It’s so funny!  Like this:


This guy  We called him “David” because he was in the same stance as the David statue:

david real david

Obviously his physique is a bit different.

And can someone please explain to me the reasoning behind this:

weird swimsuit

I am no fashion expert, but there is clearly no aesthetic purpose here…my only guess is that this is a strategy to prevent loss of a piece of your suit.  New solution: if you are worried about a piece of your swimsuit going astray, pick a different one – one that is more secure.

OK, this one is just mean of me…

fat guy in a little suit

We also witnessed a very, very large woman removing her underwear from underneath her swimsuit.  You cannot even pay for entertainment like that.  I am more of a mountain person than a beach person, but since “mentally making fun of people” is one of my favorite hobbies I have to say the beach is growing on me.