A few weeks ago in house church we had to to draw what we would come up with if God asked us to remodel heaven.  Here’s mine:


Note The Non-Allergic Great Outdoors, where the weather is always perfect and the pollen/mold/fungus count is always at 0.  Enjoy creation to your little heart’s content without the plague of itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, or breaking out in hives.  Next observe The Bakery of Heavenly Goodies, where you can obtain fresh, homemade pie, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies at any time.  I added Tex-Mex and Chick-fil-A sections following inspiration from a teammate.  And then we have The Eternal Game of Ultimate Frisbee (which is, after all, God’s favorite sport), which is actually more of a friendly, only mildly competitive tournament because that way everyone can be on a team and have fun.

I wanted to add a Room For Everyone, Yet Still With That Small-Town Feel And No Traffic Neighborhood, but I ran out of room (and time).