1. Velcro jersey.  Embarrassed to wear the jersey of a guy who hasn’t played for your team in 8 years, but don’t want to fork over the crazy $90 for a new jersey?  No problem!  Enter my velcro jersey – simply select the jersey in your color of choice and get a complete set of velcro numbers and letters.  If your guy gets traded, or fumbles a crucial pass, not to worry – switch out his name and number for the MVP.
  2. seamless sports bra.  As far as I can tell, Champion is the only brand that has even attempted this but alas, it is only seamless on the bottom.  That’s great, except that some people chafe from the upper seams.  I don’t see why the same technique couldn’t be used for the top part…whoever figures this out will make a fortune just off of me.  So I might as well be the one to do it!
  3. restaurant in airports that is open 24 hours.  Why they shut the things down in a place where hungry, thirsty people come drifting through at all hours is beyond me.
  4. Pizza place near our temporary residence in Virginia.  There is a fortune to be made off people dependent on cafeteria food.
  5. Coffee shop on or very near our temporary residence in Virginia.
  6. Selling Girl Scout cookies in Europe.  I don’t think the door-to-door model would be very successful here but with a different strategy they could do extremely well.
  7. Selling coffee/hot chocolate/breakfast pastries near the prefecture in the wee hours of the morning.
  8. Copy shop very near the prefecture.
  9. Taking Chick-fil-A overseas.
  10. Baguette delivery service.  Many an evening we are prevented from purchasing the delicious goodness of a baguette by the daunting prospect of all the stairs we have to walk down and then up.  I suspect others face the same dilemma.