Last night Jake & I watched Cinderella Man.  I have been trying to avoid watching that movie for a while now, with no particular reason except that I don’t like Russell Crowe very much.  It turned out to be good, enough so that I wasn’t even distracted by Russell Crowe’s presence.  In one fight scene in particular, they slowed the action down just a bit and there was this noise with every punch to the mouth/jaw which sounded like breaking china.

me: (wincing, covering my mouth)
Jake: You know that is the sound of the flash bulbs, right?
me: oh. Well, you know how I feel about teeth.

See, I don’t dream very often, or at least not memorably, thanks to my sleeping issues.  When, on the rare occasion, I do dream, it is often a nightmare in which something horrible happens to my teeth.  In one they slowly dissolve into this chalky powder, and in another they just keep falling out.  In everyday life I am a bit paranoid about something bad happening to my teeth.  I don’t know if it would be all the wasted money and years of orthodontia or what, I just really want my teeth to be ok forever.  Because of this I am always bothered to see a movie or read a book in which people lose teeth.  I spent much of A Thousand Splendid Suns slightly ill over the loss of so many teeth.  This is a mildly irrational fear, but it is less irrational than my fear of sharks.

However, the movie did illustrate that until Central Park in New York is a shantytown, calling the current economic situation “the second Great Depression” does the people who survived that time an enormous disrespect.