I have never been a good sleeper.  I mean NEVER.  My mom claims that, as a baby, I never slept for more than 20 minutes.  Of course they found out 6 weeks into my life that I was lactose intolerant, which is a big problem for a person on a steady diet of milk.  I assume that after switching to a soy formula I could sleep longer than a catnap, but who knows.  I do remember, even in first grade at age 6, having trouble falling asleep and waking up really early.  I usually sleep fairly lightly, and I am always, always tired – I just have trouble actually sleeping.

Enter volets.  Volets are shades that roll down over your window, and the one over our bedroom window makes the place PITCH. BLACK.  Which is great, because utter darkness is one of the conditions required for a refreshing, restful night’s sleep for me.  (A Breathe-Right strip is another*, and another would be a cool room and warm bed, but that is not the point of this post.)  This morning I slept until nearly noon, which is by far a record for me.  And I’ve felt pretty good today.  This volet thing could be a lifesaver.

*I have a sinus condition.  So sue me.