So.  We have been cleaning.  A lot.  And finally the apartment was clean enough that we started moving our stuff over and made an Ikea run.  There are probably a few more layers of grime we need to remove, but at least it is habitable.  Except that I get overwhelmed by huge projects like “moving to a new country and cleaning every square inch of an apartment top to bottom and unpacking and putting everything away,” so yesterday was not the best.  Plus my knee is really starting to hurt again.  I was all mopey and sorry for myself and overwhelmed and shutting down, so we left and went to McDonald’s around the corner.  We have been to McDonald’s more in the past 2 weeks than in the previous 5 years in the states – but before you are alarmed, let me say that McDonald’s in France is, for some reason, much better than American McDonald’s.  Plus it is affordable.  And, they have free wifi (which is pronounced “weefee” by the locals).

Thanks to the miracle of the internet (thank you, Al Gore) I was able to talk to two friends – one in Texas and one elsewhere abroad – and it was just nice.  Nice to catch up, nice know I am not forgotten, nice to be a regular person instead of a cross between a scullery maid and a pack mule.  I went back, unpacked a suitcase, took a bath because we still have no way to rig a shower curtain, and slept in my new bed in my super dark room and really, I think everything will be just fine.