The day before I leave I am:

  • getting really, really nervous about this whole starting over thing
  • wondering if everything will fit in the suitcases
  • a bit outraged at the highway robbery known as baggage fees ($200 per bag!  are you kidding me?!)
  • hoping all the little things I keep thinking of that need to get done, like charging all electronics, will get done and I won’t forget them – which would be a miracle
  • hoping any customs fees are minimal
  • hoping the running store has my shoes in my size, which is unlikely
  • wanting to just sit on the couch and watch movies
  • thinking longingly of Tex-Mex and related items: tortilla chips, queso, peppers, etc.
  • sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to find out if we are healthy enough to actually leave
  • worrying about losing something important, like a passport
  • wishing that drinking hot tea was as cool as drinking coffee
  • hoping the airline’s scales are similar to ours at home, or perhaps weighs things a bit under
  • grateful we have savings which have allowed us to purchase “equipment” and will cover part of our baggage fees
  • trying to figure out the best way to cancel our cell phones