I stopped by the library today in search of a particular CD.  The online catalog claimed they had the CD available but I, who practically grew up in the library, could not find it.  I asked about it at the information desk and while one of the librarians went to look for it with recently returned materials, the other explained how it could be in a few different (wrong) places.

Librarian: Someone might have put it down in the wrong place.  Or some people – like that gentleman over there (gestures toward young guy with laptop and ipod) – bring in their laptops and ipods and just sit there with a stack of CDs.  They pop them in and rip them.  They’re not really supposed to do that.

Come on, people.  At least have the decency to check them out and take them home for a day or so, like I do like this person I know.  Sheesh.