I have been deprived from my bargain hunting the past few months, stranded in the wilderness – no more free stuff from CVS or Kroger, no more compliments from cashiers.  I felt weird.  But yesterday I discovered that I have not lost my touch, and have even graduated from groceries and household items to electronics!

I have been wanting to get a stereo/speaker thingy for my ipod before we go overseas, and various clues led me to believe I would not be receiving one for Christmas.  So I started to shop around for a good deal, because if I’m going to have to spend my hard-saved allowance money it will only be on a good deal, and I found one at A Particular Store.  It was a stereo I had included on my Christmas list, normally priced at $150 and on sale for $60.  Unfortunately it was an online only deal, and they were out of stock online (the cheaters!).  I kept shopping around and found some decent prices on good speakers, but nothing that was really exciting.  We decided to go to Best Buy to examine some of the contenders in person and verify their voltage for overseas purposes, and I printed out the Particular Store’s deal just in case.  We looked around at Best Buy and there was still nothing that just seemed like an unbeatable, once-in-a-lifetime deal.  I didn’t expect anything but asked an employee if they matched competitor’s prices, and he said yes.  My heartbeat quickened.  I asked if that included online prices and at first he said yes and then he said he’d have to check to make sure.  Oh, the agony of waiting on the verdict!  I totally expected to get shot down but the manager said to go ahead and match it!  Without even looking at it!  I handed the page to the employee, he rang us up, and we walked out without setting any alarms off.  So I got a $150 stereo at a place where it wasn’t on sale for $60, which by the way is way below their employee price too.  Hooray!

Now I just hope it doesn’t get squashed in our luggage.