Apparently I live in The Party Quad.  A quad is like a dorm for married people/families – there are four bitty apartments off a common room.  And we stay up past 9 in our quad, so the other quads started calling us The Party Quad.

A few weeks into our stay here on a Friday night we (the adults) were all sitting around in the common room, telling stories and laughing til our sides hurt.  Around 11 or 12 we noticed some people darting around outside and surmised a game of Capture the Flag was underway.  The single people were playing and had neglected to invite their boring married peers to join.  One of our quadmates, who I will just call Quadmate, was excited because he loves war games.  So he put on a black coat and black sock cap and headed out into the night.  Shortly thereafter he was “captured” by a guy whose name I cannot reveal but was nicknamed by Quadmate as “The Limp-Wristed Vagrant,” and the next part of the story is inspired by his retelling.

LWV was gleeful over his “capture” and escorted Quadmate to the prison, and was disturbed upon arrival to see Quadmate walk away.  “Hey, you’re cheating!” he whined.  Quadmate replied that he was not playing and continued on his way.  LWV asked for his name and Quadmate craftily replied, “I have no name.”  Then he ran off, only to be accused of going out of bounds by a girl.  He also informed her that he was not playing.  He hid for awhile and observed a search party of mainly girls, presumably looking for him.  He returned to the quad and we are all laughing about his terroristic exploits when we noticed the game had come to halt.  We watched for a while longer as the people outside – mostly girls – were on their cell phones and we deduced they were calling off the game.  Quadmate and Jake headed outside to let them know it was a joke and the game could continue as planned, and they were alarmed to discover that LWV had called security and security had called the state troopers.

I will pause here to inform you that all the big strong guys who had been playing were holed up, safely inside, letting the girls do all the brave work of finding the intruder.  Quadmate and Jake walked over and suddenly, miraculously, they were recognized.  “Oh!  It was you!”  And then: “Man, you really scared [LWV] when you dragged him off into the forest.”

The security car (a Scion, the box kind) drove up – at a very dangerous speed and on a walkway where vehicles are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.  LWV was with the guard and was suddenly sheepish upon their rendezvous with the intruder.  The security guard began a tirade which included threats of shooting and maiming with sharp objects.


And thus was born the legend of The Party Quad.