Yesterday was the first holiday Jake & I were completely sans family.  I was kinda sad about this at first.  No mindless eating, no classic family favorite dishes, no detailed talk of health problems, no catching-up chatter, no communal naps.

But it turned out all right.  Living with people here for 6 weeks makes them family in a way similar to biological family – you have no choice in the matter.  And while we may not have gotten to know some of our favorite people here if we weren’t living “in community,” seeing as they are cynical introverts like me, they are the sort of people we would pick as friends anyway.  So we ate cafeteria food for Thanksgiving – not too good, but not as bad as we expected.  Yesterday evening our quad had a Thanksgiving party, complete with pigs in blankets, sausage balls, queso, and desserts, and we watched Elf and A Christmas Story with people squished on couches and sprawled on the floor.  It was pretty family-like, considering we’ve only known each other for 6 weeks.

And so we learn to give thanks for food that is edible if not tasty and the cafeteria workers that came in on a holiday, to create bounty from barrenness, and to make something beautiful from what looked and felt like being forgotten.

“Blessed be God!  He didn’t go off and leave us!” Psalm 124:6