I have been rather glum lately.  I am tired of crappy food, crappy internet (which conveniently fritzed out just as I was making my appointment to apply for my visa), crappy food, annoying people, crappy food, the freezing cold wind, the greyness that never clears up for more than 3 hours, broken sewing machines, and really crappy food.  My jeans are getting really loose from lack of nourishment.  I am always hungry…except when we go to the cafeteria and I am faced with various unrecognizable options.  Last Friday I went with some other ladies to Cheesecake Factory – we escaped the compound! – and I had an enormous omelette (the California one) and cheesecake (the peanut butter cup/fudge one, SO good) and that night was the first time in 5 weeks I went to bed comfortably full.  And it was just so nice to see that the world goes on, whether I know about it or not.

And to top it off, Thanksgiving is this week.  I wanted to go with some other people in our region group to Cracker Barrel or something so we would at least get some decent food, but only one family has a vehicle and all the facility vehicles are checked out (we think).  So we’re stuck here, with our only option for Thanksgiving being cafeteria food.  Awesome.

Jake says I sound like Eeyore, and maybe I do, but the complete lack of control over my circumstances is starting to really wear on me.  I don’t have a car so I can’t just trot into town if dinner in the cafeteria doesn’t appeal, and we are way too far from town to walk.  So I am trapped on the compound.  I think this is part of the process, to see who snaps in the isolation and general weirdness and to weed out the weak ones.  We only have 3 more weeks or so…I will make it.

But oooh…a Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving sounds so wonderful.