Today I ran the Richmond marathon.  Actually I walked quite a bit, due to high humidity and associated breathing difficulty, “getting sick” yet again*, and a knee injury sustained earlier this week.  But I finished.

*Obviously my “bad shirt” theory didn’t pan out.  My slightly more scientific theory is that my body does not absorb well while in motion, and the sloshing creates motion sickness.

I had some really good ideas about how to blog about running a marathon.  One was to start with my lyrical inspiration (“Minuteman” by Stavesacre**, “I still believe, and baby I’ll fall or I’ll stand/BUT THIS TIME I FINISH, I FINISH“), and then put certain mile markers and then whatever I was listening to then.  But I listened to “Underdog” by Audio Adrenaline** for the first 10 miles, over and over and over.  And then I listened to some other things, like Skillet’s** “Invincible,” and by the time my shuffle produced “Pressing On” by Relient K** I was a few miles away from the finish and just kept playing that til I got to the finish.  So that would be pretty boring.

**Don’t judge me.  All Most of the good music was when I was in high school.

Or I could talk about what a surreal experience it was…and it was, and also a spiritual experience, but mostly it was an experiment in guts – could I do it?  I told myself to keep going until I found the finish line, and so I kept going when I couldn’t breathe, and when I threw up, and when my knee was in excruciating pain.  And that’s all there is to say about that.

So really, all there is to say is that I am so happy and proud that I finished.  I know I could have done really well had I the sort of fortune that would have left me injury-free but that’s not how my life goes, and so I really am thrilled to have accomplished something like this.  I was choking back tears of happiness as I crossed the finish line Rocky-style.

Special thanks to:
Lisa, for training for so many months with me (she had a great finish in Chicago, by the way); the accountability and encouragement given as a training partner and friend; and for giving me back a piece of myself by asking me to be a runner again.

Jake, for all the egg-in-a-hole made on so many Saturdays; for picking up the slack my complete exhaustion has caused the past 6 months; for walking with me all those miles; for letting me try again; for believing I could do it even before I did; and for telling me I didn’t have to finish but understanding that really, I did.