I must not have been thinking clearly when I decided to come live with a bunch of people in close quarters, along with all their children (why is it that kids always have snot dribbling out of their noses?), in the middle of winter.  I haven’t been sick much in the past 3 years, mostly because I worked in a small office with a very limited pool of people to interact with.  Before that I taught preschool, before that I worked retail, and before even that I was in school and I was sick. all. the. time.

So far amongst the people I am in closest contact with there have been bronchitis, tonsillitis, a small fevery sick child (the particular illness is yet TBA), an eye infection, several snotty kids, a double ear infection, some sort of virus, a few other infection-y type things I am pretending to ignore, and now Jake has fallen ill with something that involves thick green snot, an extremely sore throat, and sleeping all day long.

As for me, usually so unconcerned with the possibility of germs, I have taken to Purell-ing my hands at every opportunity and am popping Airbornes like Smarties.  Woe to he that doth causeth any illness to befall me, for his grief shall be great upon the visitation of my wrath, and he shall be sore afflicted with many miseries, and I shall smite him with my arm of retribution, and he shall be smote with mine indignation and fury.