I used a small window of time today to go for a run.  When I got back, I had about an hour to get ready for a little get-together with the president of our organization.  So, obviously I needed to shower, which I did.  Then I needed to dry my hair, because even with my limited social skills I am aware that it is inappropriate to go to a function at the home of your organization’s president/vice president with wet hair.

I do not have a hair dryer.

I gave it away along with many of my other possessions a few weeks ago, anticipating the purchase of a European one.  Also I never use it.  Except, of course, for presidential parties immediately after a shower.  Unfortunately, I was unable to borrow one from our immediate neighbors so I had to improvise.  I switched the heat pump (basically a window unit) to ON, hung my hair over it, and voila!  Relatively dry hair.  I think a hair or two may have fallen in, though, because I did notice a burning smell shortly thereafter.

We hitched a ride with a minivan full of people we had not met yet, and thankfully we did not have to actually hitchhike at the gate – which was literally becoming our plan as time was running out.  And when we got there, we discovered we were the only married couple on the list for this particular event.  The president kept giving us disapproving looks throughout the evening, I assume because we were sitting too close together (the single people here are not supposed to date).  So I spent the evening trying to find a more prominent placement for my left hand and its ring.  And the vice president’s wife kept shooting me disapproving looks, although I think this was due more to my lack of a nametag than my marital status.  Come to think of it, though, she was surprised we were there – “I thought it was only single people tonight.”  So I guess it could have been either.  Or both.

But at least it wasn’t as bad as another girl in our small group.  She was accosted by another girl and accused of stealing that girl’s job.  Which is interesting/ironic, because our friend accepted that job months before the other girl even knew about it.  Whatever.  There are some weird people here.