I don’t like change.  I like things to be comfy, predictable.  I mean, I like fun and excitement, but only when they’re in the context of my comfy life.  Then, back to normal.

The last few weeks have me reeling.

We moved out of our house and half into storage, half into my parents’.  We keep packing, unpacking, repacking.  I have been from Central Standard Time to Eastern Time for a day, back to Central for two days, back to Eastern for five days, then back to Central for four days (in the middle of that right now), and then will be back in Eastern time, and then we have the daylight savings thing coming around the bend.  It takes me a looooong time to adjust to those hour changes, by the way.  And after a two month stint in Eastern time, we will be back in Central for a few weeks and then…we move to Europe.  My body will freak. out.

The rest of me is freaking out too, though.  I am homeless.  I have never been homeless before.  And I thought the only circumstances that would find me staying for this long with my parents would be a horrible, horrible tragedy…but I came voluntarily, even asked if we could come.  I feel displaced and unsettled.  I look around at our room, crowded with boxes and tubs and suitcases, and I feel lost, like I have no idea what to do with all this stuff.  I am a detail person.  There are WAY TOO MANY details here for me to focus.  I get overwhelmed and just…freeze.  Our next stop will only be two months at what is basically a compound – certainly not home.  And I am already wanting to be home.

Yes, moving overseas is a big undertaking for someone who doesn’t like change.  I knew it would be hard when we made this decision, and I am excited about it.  It’s just that the reality of DOING something hard is quite different from DECIDING to do something hard.  (You would think I figured that out with marathon training, wouldn’t you?)  I am tired (already!) of living from a stack of boxes and tubs, having to borrow Jake’s shirts because mine are in a suitcase somewhere…I think, knowing that I have the exact thing I’m needing and having no clue where it could possibly be, etc.  A lot of things (by which I mean “matters,” not “items of junk”) have fallen by the wayside as I have been in business mode, trying to get everything taken care of.  It will be nice to catch up, to take a deep breath, and get comfy again.