So I attempted the Chicago Marathon 2 days ago.  I ended up with a DNF.

I had some pretty bad foot pain (plantar fasciitis) which slowed me down, but the first half was still really fun – the crowds were great, and I had my name on my shirt so people were cheering for me.  Then around mile 14 I threw up, went to an aid station (“A lot of people aren’t used to running in the heat,” the doctor told me.  “I’m from Texas,” I said wryly, around a thermometer.  “Oh.  Well, you’re probably just overheated.”  “This thermometer says my temperature is 94.1.”  “Those thermometers aren’t very accurate.”), and then I kept going, then I threw up again at mile 18 and was forced off the course by the medical people.

I have only thrown up one other time while running – and I was wearing the same shirt, my World Vision jersey.  I noticed back in August that it did not wick sweat but just felt wet and slimy, so my theory is that it probably also does not breathe well and causes me to overheat.  It sounds like a strange theory, to blame digestive distress on a shirt, but that is the only thing that was the same.

And now, I HAVE TO FINISH.  So I will be running either the Richmond marathon next month, which is probably VERY HILLY, or the Dallas White Rock in December if I get to come back to the Dallas area for both my siblings’ graduations.  Ugh.  I wanted to be sleeping in on Saturdays, running merely for fun and fitness (and stress management), not so picky about what I eat and drink.  I wanted to stop taking all the supplements that keep my joints together and hold the inflammation down, to let my body rest and my injuries heal…but this morning I laced up my shoes again.  Because I am still in training.