wake-up call: moved to 5:00 am for long runs

pounds lost: somewhere between 8 and 13

longest distance to date: 15 miles.  But I have 18 planned for this weekend.

total distance logged: over 200 miles

newest training buddy: a small ipod shuffle named Balboa.  (I was going to name him Rocky, but the seafoam green color just seemed too delicate for a name like that.)  He brings a carefully selected collection of workout-worthy tunes to the table.

most awkward moment: when my car key fell out of the tiny pocket in the waistband of my shorts…into the built-in underwear.

average temperature: According to the National Weather Service it is similar to that of the devil’s permanent residence.

times I have thrown up: one

wildlife spotted: countless rabbits, a lot of squirrels, tons of bugs, several frogs (but they were all squished), a cougar, and a partridge in a pear tree.

ounces of water to drink every day: 90-120

why I run:

what you can do to help: go to firstgiving.com/suzannebrown1 to donate.