Yesterday I:

  • worked on my ipod (the computer my itunes is on does not have internet access.  It is very time-consuming and tedious to put several hundred CDs on there without the assistance of the internet.  Which is why I am still working on it, despite being a reasonably satisfied ipod owner for a year and a half.)*
  • started learning French.  fille = girl, garcon = boy (there is supposed to be one of those squiggly things under the c, but I have no idea how to do that), femme = woman…oh, and the lesson also covered prepositions, so I can now recognize such common and useful phrases as “a boy under an airplane,” “a boy over an airplane,” etc.

Today I:

  • did Pilates
  • began an application to open a bank account with free international ATM access
  • traded mutual funds like a pro
  • ran boring general errands
  • GOT GAS FOR $3.19 A GALLON!!!  I never, never thought I would see the day when gas would seem like a bargain at that price.  But it’s here…thanks, Kroger!
  • saved $39 at the grocery store (you know you did well when the cashier tells you, “You did good!”)
  • accidentally sprayed myself in the face with the sprayer in the kitchen sink
  • made a lovely & delicious quiche: eggs (of course), half & half, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, and…little green chilies.  Little green chilies give any recipe bonus points, in my opinion.
  • spilled quiche batter all over the counter
  • had a great time at lifegroup.  We love, love, love our lifegroup.  And our church.  This is really the first group of people we have really connected with since we got married; no one tells you how difficult it can be to make friends as a couple.  Our old church had a few exceptions, like Paige & Barry, but on the whole we really struggled to make couple friends.  We weren’t expecting too much when we joined 121, knowing we would be leaving soon, but after my parents & family these people will be some of the hardest to leave.
  • stationary bike & weights
  • ate cookies late at night

*when I am finished converting my vast musical library into mp3 – I made it through Third Day, and of course they are alphabetized – I will put them all on an external hard drive and move them over to Trusty Little Macbook.  It just didn’t make any sense to put half on the desktop and use the laptop for the other half, especially because a) my internet is spotty and b) I don’t think little ipod (his name is Nicodemus, by the way) can sync like that.  But I could be wrong.

**we were given two sets of season one for Christmas, so we returned one, put the balance on a gift card, and waited anxiously for the next season to come out with the intention of purchasing it with the gift card.  Worked like a charm.