So, if anyone ever reads this thing and has noticed I’m not exactly posting frequently, my plan to “borrow” wireless from my former workplace hasn’t quite panned out.  I live in employee housing, and I thought I could get the signal with my trusty little macbook but alas, no dice.  Here’s what’s been going on:

  • OLYMPICS, OLYMPICS, OLYMPICS: my sleep schedule is all. messed. up.  There’s a lot I could say about the lousy gymnastics judges but I won’t.  These have been great Games though, with a lot of memorable moments (most very, very late at night…thanks, NBC).
  • marathon training is going really well.  I have been having trouble with distances over 12 miles, but I think I may have found and remedied the problem (not eating enough before long runs).  But I can’t be sure, because my new regimen also coincided with a day that was overcast and 20 degrees cooler than it has been.  Oh, and that run was only scheduled to be 12 miles.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough…
  • I am running a half marathon on Sunday!  Mostly to get a better idea of where I am training-wise.
  • research on storage facilities
  • research on banks with international access
  • research on sunglasses because they never fit my tiny little face (so I have to find some that fit – any advice from other small-headed people out there?) and I am starting to get squint lines around my eyes.  At first I thought they were laugh lines and I was excited, because I wanted a great starter set by the time I hit 30.  But they’re not.  They’re squint lines.  Squint lines are NOT cool.
  • I met a woman who can only be described as a shrew.  Just after meeting her – and I mean I didn’t even catch her name – she was inquiring about everyone’s political beliefs.  I was horrified.  No one has ever told me this, but I just know that it is very bad manners to talk about politics with people you have just met.  And she wasn’t asking out of curiosity, either, she was very combative.  She is a diehard rabid Obama fan, and I think I’ve said enough on here for anybody to gather that I’m not.  Apparently I have substandard intelligence.  And when she weasled out why we are going to France, she was combative about that too, implying that we are “typical Americans” for moving when we don’t know the language (although we are planning on starting that soon) and literally asked, “What makes you think you can do any better?”  I paused here, seriously considering a) saying I didn’t think we should continue the conversation or b) being a good Christian and taking the opportunity to tell her about Jesus or c)telling her exactly what I thought about her, her manners, and her imagined superiority.  Thankfully Jake stepped in and wrapped it up quickly.  He has better social skills than I do…shrew woman had less.  Hopefully I will never see her again – she is the wife of a guy who plays frisbee with us but she never comes – but I keep thinking about it so obviously it rattled me a bit.
  • reading, reading, reading
  • Other than that I am hanging out in gauchos & Chacos, enjoying life.  As soon as I figure out where to get free wireless the updates will be more frequent.