I’m writing this from Jake’s office.  It’s a weird office, very quiet.  Big open space, lots of mouse clicking going on behind me.  In my office, when I was “just” the receptionist, I spent the day hollering back and forth with the office manager (hollering because it is silly to call someone’s extension when you can hear them, with your own ears and not through the phone, talking to you).  And when I became the office manager, I just kept the hollering going.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  The quiet here is weird to me – I feel like a huge disruption for sipping on my water.

Today was Take Your Wife to Work Day, akin to the one for daughters – see what a real workplace is like? see what is involved in bringing home bacon? – so I packed up my trusty little Macbook and came along.  I am now bumming wireless off some nearby place which, I assume by the name, has something to do with automobiles.  Actually it is not Take Your Wife to Work Day.  I don’t think such a thing exists; feminists everywhere would be up in arms.  “We have our OWN jobs now!”  Yes, and thanks to you I now have to fumble around for excuses as to why I’m NOT working.  Running a household used to be considered full-time work, and if the state of my house while I did have a “real” job is any indication I think it still is a full-time job.  Frankly I don’t think it’s anybody’s business if I don’t bring home a paycheck every other week anymore.  That is a decision my husband and I made for our family, and even though it is a temporary arrangement people are curious as to why I wouldn’t want to work, what I DO all day.

Well, I’ll tell you.  First I printed our wedding pictures, FINALLY, after over 2 years of marriage.  We wanted to use a very unique paper, so we couldn’t just go have them printed.  That took a whole day.  Each small sheet had to be fed, one at a time, to the printer.  But, in my opinion, it was totally worth it.  I now have lovely prints, crisp yet somehow soft on the watercolor-like paper with gently torn edges.  Our album is an Iona album, leather with torn black paper inside.  I am so, so pleased with how they turned out.  Our wedding was a very handcrafted affair so it fits perfectly.  My dress was made by my mother, and though I never thought through a “theme” the Regency-era style went perfectly with the heavy paper, old-fashioned writing, and wax seals.  And yes, we did those ourselves too.  It was actually fun.  I still have plenty of wax left and have been trying, for 2 years, to think of something else that needs sealing.  Rambling…anyway.  The plan is to get the pictures in the album this weekend.

The other thing that has occupied my time thus far is getting my house straightened and somewhat cleaned.  I just feel more peaceful, somehow, when not surrounded by laundry.  Not to mention my piles of paper – because paper has writing on it!  And I love to read!  And collect as many facts as possible!  I have been kept company by some very lovely flowers my wonderful husband sent to me last Friday, my last day as a Working Woman.  I took a picture with the little camera thingy on my handy Macbook but couldn’t figure out how to get it on here – I told you, technology is waaaay overrated – so for now, content yourself with the knowledge that they are stargazer lilies and irises.

I am feeling very me these days – like I am growing into myself.  Kinda like the feeling when a pair of jeans starts to get worn in just right.  (Jeans, how I love thee!)  I am reading – historical fiction, John Piper – keeping my imagination and my spirit stretched, devouring books in my house (and my mom’s…I did borrow a few the last time I was there).  And I am runner again!  I thought I had given it up for good – too many injuries – but thanks to le internet and its storehouse of facts, my knees are on the mend.  When I started marathon training I thought I would make it through the marathon and then dutifully head back to the gym, sparing my poor joints, but like a semi-recovered addict who thought “just one couldn’t hurt,” I’m back.  And I love it.