I really like that song, with Paul McCartney and all.  It’s just perfect for a good day, and yesterday was a good day!

  1. I had a really good run, able to sustain a pretty hard pace the entire run.
  2. It rained!  In Texas, in July, that is akin to a miracle.  (Except last year, Monsoon ’07.  But that was abnormal.)
  3. It was sunny!
  4. I saw the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie.  I love Harry Potter and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I am so, so excited this movie will come out before I leave the country.  Of course I will be in a Baptist compound when it comes out, so I will just have to sneak out to see it.  That will be fun.
  5. It rained again!
  6. 2 days left at work.  ‘Nuff said.  (As a side note, I was told I would have to plan my own going-away party.  Um, no.  Although I was tempted to clear out what is known as the “slush fund” as a bonus.)
  7. Jake’s frisbee team let me play with them!  I have been watching all season, a bit sad that I didn’t sign up due to marathon training.  Of course if I had, either we wouldn’t be on this team, or we wouldn’t be on it together.  But it is probably the best team Jake/we has/have been on since we started playing league, so I felt all forlorn.  Last night they only had 2 females, and since rules require 2 females on the field they played almost all game.  Towards the end they decided to bend the rules a bit so in I went!  And thankfully, I caught what was thrown to me and completed all my passes.  And whoever I was guarding didn’t get the disc.  It would have been mildly embarrassing had it been an off day.  I had a lot of fun.
  8. It was $1.50 cheesecake day at Cheesecake Factory!  My husband, who hates cheesecake for some strange reason, is sweet enough that he went with me so that, using the “one slice per person at this fabulous price” rule, I could in fact obtain two slices of delicious cheesecake.  He is just that nice.  (Lest you be concerned, I did not eat both slices.  I took a few bites of each so it would look like 2 people ate them – I am a first-born, after all, and must at least make people think I’m following the rules – boxed them up, and trotted home to place them carefully in my refrigerator for near-future enjoyment.)
  9. Drumroll please…I am now the happy and proud owner of a Macbook!  Jake has been faithfully scouring Craigslist for quite a while now, weeding out the I-am-a-student-in-the-UK scams and I-will-not-negotiate-this-price-because-this-is-what-I-owe-on-it overpriced offerings until he came across a good deal on a good computer from a nice guy who actually exists.  We have to provide our own computers when we go to France, so we saved up and prayed God would send a good deal…and waited.  And yesterday was the day!  It’s only a few months old and in very good condition.  In all honesty, I am not a Mac person (I am not really a PC person either; I think technology in general is in fact overrated) but I am looking forward to learning.  I am a computer owner!