Causes for celebration:

  • Foyle’s War is back!!  For 3 weeks!!  It’s a British show that comes on Masterpiece Theater, set in England in WWII.  Foyle is a detective who is asked to serve his country by remaining a policeman rather than signing up to fight.  They’re really good, get the first 4 seasons somewhere (Netflix, maybe?  Or you could just buy them, they’re that good) and watch season 5, starting Sunday.  (OH NO!  On the Masterpiece Theater site it says that season 5 is the conclusion…noooooooooo!!  Cessation of celebration is imminent…)
  • THEOLYMPICSARECOMINGTHEOLYMPICSARECOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love, love, love the Olympics.  Where else can you see one person realize their life dream, another see the dream slip away, separated only by hundredths of a second?  Or hundredths of a point, depending on which sport you’re watching.  The drama of human athletic competition…I can’t wait!!  Swimming!  Diving!  Gymnastics!  Track!  Equestrian events!  It’s even worth figuring out how to get channels at my house.  And if I could find a place to get a one month risk-free trial of Tivo or some other DVR apparatus you’d better believe I’d be signing up for it August 7.
  • Heroes is coming back too!
  • Four more weeks until I exit the workforce!  10 years of my life I’ve been working, and I have way less money to show for it than you’d expect.  I get to quit so I can get ready to move to France, which for me involves a lot of reading since I can’t possibly take all my books with me, and also a massive decluttering project.  Oh, and learning French.

For someone who doesn’t usually watch TV, I seem to be celebrating quite a bit of televised awesomeness lately.  Although hopefully my workforce departure will not have reason to be televised.