1. First I found out Lisa can’t run with me Saturday, which is Long Run Day.  11 miles is intimidating all by me onesie.
  2. My watch, which keeps track of distance & speed for me so I can monitor my pace, needs its battery replaced after a whopping 2 months of use.  The irritating part is I had to send it away, so I until I get it back I am totally in the dark as to whether I actually run the distance I meant to run…and let me just say that it feels like 11 miles around mile 5, so relying on my keen internal odometer isn’t the most accurate method.
  3. And then, my knees started hurting.  NOT GOOD.  I had knee problems my senior year of high school which took 3-4 months to recover from.  As in, I missed the entirety of cross country season.  It feels the same right now.  It is “just” runner’s knee but I want to train for a marathon, not rehab in a pool or on a bike for a few months.

So, after a really, really good run on Saturday – I started to think, I can actually do this! – I hit a huge wall of discouragement.  If anyone has suggestions for a quick recovery while maintaining my present fitness level, bring ’em on!