most frequent wake-up time: 6:00 am

most frequent thought: What was I thinking?!

most frequent prayer: God, help me!

favorite cross-training activity: yoga pilates biking swimming walking in fitflops sleeping

most frequently craved food: egg-in-a-hole

pounds lost: at least 3.  But I don’t have a scale at home so it could be more.

have I been chafed: yes

how I sweat: like I’m an Olympic champ

longest distance to date: 10 miles

total distance logged: about 100 miles

training buddy: Lisa

amount raised for World Vision: a paltry $70.  Honestly that is pretty disappointing to me…go support me now!

funniest moment: being passed by a female biker…whose spandex shorts needed to be retired.  We could see her floral-print bloomers underneath!  Lisa & I cracked up.

least runner-friendly city: Irving.  Scanty parks, short or nonexistent trails, locks on track entrances even though the tracks are technically public property.

most runner-friendly city: Grapevine.  Big parks!  Long trails!  A running/walking club that puts out coolers of water and sports drink!

favorite Bible verse: that one that says something like, “I beat my body and make it my slave”

why I run:

will I do the Rocky move at the finish line: absolutely.