There are some fairly creepy people at my work.  The normal employees are OK but we use a lot of contractor/freelance types and for the most part they make me very uncomfortable.  To set the stage, let me say that I have seen or spoken to this particular guy 5 times or less since I have been here.

(This is the kind of thing I had in mind with “people who act buddy-buddy when they don’t even know you.”)

Weird Guy (standing in doorway of office, looming): Hey.  (stares)

me: Hey.

(awkward pause before he begins talking to another weird guy in my office)


WG: Hey.  (another weird stare)

me: Hey.

(awkward pause)

me: Can I help you?

WG: Are we cool?

me, thinking to self: We are not cool.  We are not even friends.  You are not cool, period.

me, out loud: um…I guess.

WG: Oh, okay.  You just seemed a little…plain…earlier.  I just wanted to make sure we were ok.

me, to self: How do you respond to that?  From a total stranger?

WG:  THERE’S that smile.  That’s what I was missing earlier.

me, to self: I think that was a grimace…but ICK!  Get OUT!