1. litterbugs. How hard is it to find a trashcan? I kid you not, at one of the parks I run in there are trashcans approximately every 15 feet. I don’t even know how kids play there, there are so many trashcans. Yet there is still trash everywhere. What are you doing at a park if you can’t walk a few feet to a trashcan? And if you’re driving – well, that’s YOUR trash. No one else wants it either. Just let it sit there in your car until you get where you’re going. There’s most likely a trashcan there.
  2. people who think their vehicle is a status symbol, letting everyone know how awesome they are. Frankly, I think your truck/Hummer/SUV/little sports car is butt-ugly.
  3. people who cut in to a funeral procession, refuse to stop for a funeral procession, speed by a funeral procession, get irritated by a funeral procession, or otherwise behave disrespectfully to a funeral procession. Somebody just died here. You will die too someday, regardless of how important you are. It’s just 5 minutes out of your life, which you are lucky/blessed enough to still have. Show a little respect.
  4. people who act all buddy-buddy when they don’t know you. They usually do this because they think they will get special treatment.
  5. people who think they deserve special treatment.
  6. people who can’t spell basic words. Things like “wander” instead of “wonder,” “heart worming” instead of “heartwarming,” “perception” instead of “perspective,” “loose” instead of “lose.” Or, use the verb form in place of the noun – like “emphasize” when they mean “emphasis.” I am not referring to typos, I mean people who do this and think they’re smart.
  7. people who say my posts are too long.
  8. people who think the world revolves around them, the sun shines out of their butt, or some other astrological phenomenon.